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5 male Dutch/Mal X for sale

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If you are selling a Dutch Shepherd or announcing a litter please post the results of the normally expected health tests or clearly state that they are not available. ...people are going to ask for them.
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Tell us about yourself: I have 3 dutch shepherds, my female is Xena, male is Jazz and my newest addition my blue brindle Rush. I am a huge Dutchie fan. I was K9 handler in the USAF, in patrol and explosive detection. And now Odin Puppy!!!
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5 male Dutch/Mal X for sale

Post by allsupdutchies » Sun May 17, 2015 11:19 pm

I still have 5 pups for sale, Dutch/Mal X... They were born Feb. 10, 2015. I posted the litter back in March or April, they are out of a litter of 11. They have shots and wormed. $400-$800 depending on the pup. I have a couple that will do well in protection or Schutzhund. 2 that have drive but they seem wimpy, but might be just the age. The other one will make someone a great family dog, I won't say that down the road is drive won't come to him, just right now, he is just a sweetheart. They play a lot, we go for walks on the acreage. They just really need to go to new homes ASAP!!! 2 Mal pups, 2 brindle pups, and 1 black with brindle legs. Message me if interested and I will send you pictures.
Laurie and my 3 beautiful Dutchie furry babies!! Image

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