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New book on training

Read an interesting book lately?
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New book on training

Post by Owned-By-Hendrix » Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:22 pm

Has anyone every read "From puppy to working, sport, or police dog" by Dick Staal? I know Staal was involved in in the KNPD and as I'm reading his book it illustrates points using a dutch shepherd. I'm curious about what people think of his training methods? He seems fairly middle of the road and "use fair judgement" and is big on positive training.

So far I like what I have read but I'm only halfay through it. Especially of note is how he breaks down his training into "stages" of learning for things, which my guy falls right into , but eems to have other trainers mystified. His OB stages are example, development, and duty. I see my guy in the first two stages of his OB training currently but responds so harshly to any sort of correction that isn't "uh oh" (which means I'm removing the treat but bringing it back in a second). I've realized I've moronically never taught him what no means, or that corrections are not these horrible things, which is all my fault. It's really brought attention to my mistakes as a trainer and I feel my guy would respond well using some of these methods, especially because Staal emphasizes use fairness and what works for your dog. But I'm curious as to what some of the more experienced dutchie owners think, if they've read it?
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