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What the Dog Knows by Cat Warren

Read an interesting book lately?
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What the Dog Knows by Cat Warren

Post by TexasDobe » Thu Aug 20, 2015 6:19 pm

I read the book What the Dog Knows. It does not go a lot into training. One thing it does is go though the problems of a dog no fit to do what you had in mind for it. Then the owner having to change their mind on the plans for the dog and the heart break that can come from that. Picking a job that had dogs a lot like the one she is handling and people who understands the type of dog she has. It does have a lot of research data and stories in HRD (good and bad). My main problem with the book is she adds a lot of useless information about her political believes that do not add to the book. Wonder why she does this when she states in the book that most in the dog world have different political believes then her and she hide it for years thinking they would judge her. It never happen or she does not say it does. All in all it was a good read with a lot of really cool facts that I would of never of though about before reading this book. NOT A TRAINING BOOK.

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