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Early training for 10 week old puppy?

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Tell us about yourself: I love Shepherds- German, Dutch and Belgian. I recently lost my 16.5 y/o GSD mix and was hoping to find a GSD or DS mix. I totally lucked out in finding Grendel, a DS/GSD mix at 9.5 weeks old. She was filthy and flea-ridden, but still the cutest, craziest thing ever. She's going to live up to her name! First dog I've had that I've actually seen the parents and definitely know what she is!

Early training for 10 week old puppy?

Post by brindledog » Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:29 pm

I just got Grendel last week. As of today she's just about 10 weeks old. She's 1/2 DS and 1/2 GSD. The last time I had a puppy was 16.5 years ago, Hera, who recently passed. I recall her being a monster, but not the details.
Grendel is very smart- in the week I've had her she's learned "sit" and "lay down," and definitely knows "no." But I'm already seeing the DS challenging behavior- as of yesterday, she has started barking at me when I tell her "no."Not only that, but one technique I used with Hera was to growl at her when she wouldn't listen. That would get her attention and she would lay down. Grendel also pays attention when I growl at her, but now, like with "no," she sometimes challenges me and yaps at me once while staring me down!
She will be attending her first puppy class this week, but because she has only had one round of shots so far, she can't go to any other training for another 2 months.
I do not want to spend months undoing bad behavior once she is able to start formal training.
What can I do to start things off right?!

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Re: Early training for 10 week old puppy?

Post by Owned-By-Hendrix » Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:38 pm

1) Don't growl at her. That is welcoming the DS sass and then you're getting yourself into a pickle relationship wise. DS pups are independent and headstrong.
2) She's voicing her displeasure like a little kid whining. Easiest way is to ignore, another is to be calm but firm and say "no" again, or teach her the quiet command. If she's barking when you're not giving her a treat fast enough, palm the treat and wait until she quiets then immediately mark her and give the treat. If she's barking when you stop her from doing something, like chewing, say "no" and if she bites you, "no" and keep ignoring her. If you give in she'll learn "oh hey I do this and I get my way!" Remain firm, calm, and ignore the puppy fits. They can get tiring but it's part of their learning process.
3) you can work on some engagement games and environmentals by setting up obstacle courses in your living room, back yard, etc. You can work on "look" or "focus" and sound exposures. At 10 weeks it's more about building experience and relationship than obedience (that's just added bonus) - everything is a game and fun fun fun.

I hope this helps a little. I'm brain dead so I'm sure I'll remember more later.
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