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How much should i feed my puppy

Dietary/feeding issues
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Just Whelped
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Tell us about yourself: I have a beautiful Dutch Shepherd named Apache. He is about a year old. I am doing obedience/agility since he was young, and recently have been working with him for SAR. I also have a small terrier mix who hate everything that moves except me, and the family also has a Doxipoo and cats. I raise many farm animal as well.

How much should i feed my puppy

Post by JesusFreak » Mon Apr 20, 2015 1:52 am

Hey, i just got a new Dutch Shepherd puppy. I am currently following the bags instructions, but was wondering, how much should i be feeding him? Thanks!!

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Training Dog
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Tell us about yourself: Rescued a dumped DS puppy from the freeway and found his littermate in a nearby shelter two weeks later.

Re: How much should i feed my puppy

Post by Mobil » Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:16 am

What are you feeding him?

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Re: How much should i feed my puppy

Post by icvanstra » Sun Apr 26, 2015 3:24 pm

What food are you feeding? Quality kibble that lists meat as the first ingredient? Or Old Roy?

The amounts on the bag are just a guide to what you should feed. You might need to feed a little more or less. Keep an eye on the dogs weight (not so much as in using weight scale - but how does it look? Too skinny, too fat, just right?)
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