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first heat cycle?!

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Tell us about yourself: I love Shepherds- German, Dutch and Belgian. I recently lost my 16.5 y/o GSD mix and was hoping to find a GSD or DS mix. I totally lucked out in finding Grendel, a DS/GSD mix at 9.5 weeks old. She was filthy and flea-ridden, but still the cutest, craziest thing ever. She's going to live up to her name! First dog I've had that I've actually seen the parents and definitely know what she is!

first heat cycle?!

Post by brindledog » Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:53 am

Pardon graphic description.

Grendel is just about 8 months.

Last night I noticed her sniffing at something gross on the floor where she'd been laying and upon inspection it looked like discharge of some sort.

Today I found drops of blood on floor that, by appearance, immediately brought a period to mind. Checked her and found blood on her vaginal area.

No funky smell, no extra attention from other dogs recently.

I called vet and she asked about possible UTI or vaginitis. Grendel not peeing significantly more and has actually been drinking less than usual. She's had bouts of vaginitis since I got her. Never any blood or anything.

I assume this is a heat cycle, but I've never had a dog that wasn't fixed. I'm concerned because she's been SO tired lately s and today she's super tired. She"s been panting more lately, too.

She got full blood work up last week and there were a few abnormalities, primarily with things that would affect digestion and absorption.

Is it normal for dog to be so tired while in heat? And to have no odor or attract attention of male dogs?

She has appointment with internal medicine specialist next week about her digestive issues and chronic tapeworm, so I'd like to avoid taking her to vet before then ( she seems to be at vet every week these days). But if this isn't normal heat related behavior and could be infection, I'll take her in.



Lisa G.

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