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Muscle Atrophy?

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Muscle Atrophy?

Post by ryan_n » Tue May 15, 2018 1:29 am


I am new to the forum and am hoping to get some insight, advice or pointed in another direction regarding the issue my 21 month old male DS is going through.

A couple months back I noticed his position changed drastically when relieving himself. He also started to position his tail in this downward banana shape at times, which is not the norm. He had/has no loss of drive (prey, tug, ball, etc, no lameness, never fell over, no concerning loss of appetite, tested negative for aniplasmosis, and is however not liking anyone but me touching the underside of his hips. Hips and tail getting x rayed this week.

He has muscle atrophy from mid back around his spine to hips. Vet says she's certain it’s from an injury as the x Ray shows his spine is as it should be. NO way to know for sure if he injured himself during a training session or from slipping on the wood floor chasing the cat.

Chiropractor continues to find areas of compression at every visit.

The atrophy began around his mid back and than over a month or so ran into his hips. After out first rehab visit we discovered he was inflamed down the whole of his back. We have not been active since starting rehab (for almost 2 months) except our rehab routine (really difficult with this guy) and a k9 conditioning class. The physical rehabilitation facility says it’ll take a couple more months to start seeing muscle growth. I just don’t know and I’m beginning to question the diagnosis. I have seen no improvement since starting rehab.

The first pic is how his body position looked at first and the second shows how he is now. The third shows his weird tail position.

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Re: Muscle Atrophy?

Post by Dutchringgirl » Tue May 15, 2018 10:17 am

I would always get another opinion. My Sadie has double Hip Displasia. She carries her tail funny too. She was a rescue from some guy down south who would just breed them for $$ and give the rest to NADSR. Saide's drive is crazy high, but she cannot do much. I cant remember her age, but as a pup, she would cry going up stairs or from laying down to get up.

Get x rays either from a specialist or take them to a specialist. Try acupuncture as well.
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