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TN Dog Sports Festival - WRAP UP

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Christie M
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TN Dog Sports Festival - WRAP UP

Post by Christie M » Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:16 pm

This weekend was a HUGE success. ThunderHawk Canine Working Dog Club paired up with Appalachian K9 to host the TN Working Dog Sports Festival. This event was the first Working Dutch Shepherd Association sanctioned Schutzhund trial on Saturday, followed by a PSA trial on Sunday. It was a culmination of lots of hard work, cooperation and great friendship. I consider it a huge success, and we are already planning next year’s annual event (although we are looking at early May….this heat was KILLER!!!).

Details from Saturday’s WDSA trial:

Competitors were:
1 BH Matthew Faccinto w/ Dutch Shepherd "Vader"
1 OB1 Cynthia Kranz w/ Belgian Malinois "Jami"
2 IPO1 Melissa McCord w/ Dutch Shepherd "Favre” & Dameon Berry w/ Belgian Malinois "Shelby”
1 IPO2 Rebecca Mosenthal w/ Belgian Malinois "Iago/Stud"

Passing scores where held by Matt w/ Vader (Pass), Cynthia w/ Jami (85), Dameon w/ Shelby (82-86-82) and Rebecca w/ Stud (78-85-95).

Helper work was performed by Thomas Burlile, who received an "Excellent" rating from the judge. Thomas also generously offered to be track layer :-)

FCI judge Alfred Hupfauer was extremely fair, consistent and helpful. Because it was a small number of competitors, he gave very detailed critiques. This was appreciated by the handlers as well of the spectators (of which there were many). As a joint WDSA/PSA trial, it was great for everyone to learn some of the nuances of each other's sports.

Details from Sunday’s PSA trial

18 Total Entries:

PDC (14 total and MANY competing in the sport for the first time)
Angie Young with Thorn (GSD) – PDC earned
Angie Young with Phoenix (GSD)
Angie Young with Brom (GSD)
Brian Young with Cooper (BM) – PDC earned
Brandi Williams with Swift (Dobe) – PDC SD earned
Jessica Presley with Willow (DS)
Karla Fischbach with Enzo (GSD) – PDC earned
Jennifer Williams with Kimber (Dobe)
Daniel Bose with (Dobe) – PDC SD earned
Pamela Gentry with Deacon (Dobe)
Rebecca Mosenthal with Iago/Stud (BM) – PDC earned
Stephanie Culberson w/ Braxton (GSD) - PDC SD earned
Carol Riels with Rufus (DS)
Maren Bell Jones with Fawkes (BM)

PSA1 – no titles awarded
Cory Dewberry w/ Aiden (GSD)

PSA2 – no legs or titles awarded
Jennifer Reininger with Pawmer (GSD)
Vinnie Faccinto with CJ (BM)

PSA3 – no legs or titles awarded
Scott Nordgen with Cesar (Dobe)

Final placings:
High PSA Obedience – Cory Dewberry with Aiden
High PSA Protection – Scott Nordgren with Cesar
High Overall - Scott Nordgren with Cesar
High Owner Trained - Scott Nordgren with Cesar
Club Award for High Owner Trained – Southern Ohio Protection Sports

The decoys for this big, hot trial were Scott Nordgren, Cory Dewberry, Thomas Burlile and Matthew Faccinto. They were extremely enthusiastic, consistent and fair. Great test!

Special thanks from me to my club and Appalachian K9. So many people always help to create a successful event. Our entire club chipped in to make this a success and Karla Fischbach and Sandy Pope just took the ball and ran with it – seeing to every single detail before it could be thought of. Sandy also put many of us up and the hospitality was beyond any hotel I’ve ever stayed at!!! I know that driving over 2 hours to be the hosting club on someone else’s field was taxing on many people, but everyone stepped up, sacrificed and made it happen! Thanks to Mark S for helping with the paperwork, Jess for helping take care of the dogs we took with us, and MANY MANY thanks to Pam and Mark for seeing to the 4 leggeds who spent a night without us, but received such attentive care that they never knew we were gone!!
Christie Meyer

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Re: TN Dog Sports Festival - WRAP UP

Post by Schlussdibusti » Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:32 pm

Super! :wtg:
Will there be pics of the event on the WDSA website? :dslook: :dswink"
Eva & Marco BH
Jupiter, Florida

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Re: TN Dog Sports Festival - WRAP UP

Post by k9katet » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:50 pm

Thanks for the update! Great turn out!
Heather Sather
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leih merigian
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Re: TN Dog Sports Festival - WRAP UP

Post by leih merigian » Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:13 am

So glad it went so well! I don't see how you could hold such an event in this weather!
leih merigian
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