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Possible TMJ for protection prospect.

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Tell us about yourself: I live in Southern California. I have a young shepherd who is about 14 months... I am interested in doing some protection training with him.. He is extremely athletic with a very strong drive.

Possible TMJ for protection prospect.

Post by batali » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:29 pm

Hi everyone... I have a female that is about 13 months.. Recently she played with a jolly ball and had her mouth stuck open for about 1 minute before she got it to normal.. This was the first time that has ever happened. Just recently, I had a incisor pulled out because she shattered one while dismembering a possum she got a hold of.. Nipping and jumping at the possum and biting the wire fence was what I suspect did it. After the tooth was pulled out the following day, she yawned and it happened again.. I was wondering if it is tmj and if it is would have any effect on bite work at all.. She seems to eat normal, not in pain and yawns a lot but only has gotten stuck on 2 occassions.. On a smaller note, will that missing incisor interfere with her ability to hold and do bite work as well. I am more concerned about the tmj though.

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Re: Possible TMJ for protection prospect.

Post by icvanstra » Sat Aug 13, 2011 3:48 pm

Can't answer on the TMJ issue...

IMHO missing an incisor shouldn't be a problem like missing one of the canines would be.
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