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What do the TBL, TD, TH, and TR buttons do?

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What do the TBL, TD, TH, and TR buttons do?

Post by centrop67 » Sun Feb 26, 2017 6:14 pm

I have added a new feature to posting that allows you create a table of columns and rows.


This is a little complicated to use, but it may be useful.

Let's say you wanted to put a caption to the right or left of a photo:
Image WOW - look at this pointy eared striped DS!
That's NOT a DS!

This is a Dutch Shepherd --->
This is what your text would look like:

Code: Select all

[TD]WOW - look at this pointy eared striped DS![/TD]
That's NOT a DS!

This is a Dutch Shepherd --->
It works like this:

The entire table is surrounded by the TBL tags.

Each row is surrounded by the TR tags.

Each column is identified by the TD or TH tags.
The difference is the TH has bold text by default

You should try to make sure that each row has the same number of TD or TH tags, otherwise you may get some unexpected results.

Also, when embedding photos it is really important that you size them ahead of time. Each column in the table will expand to the width of the photo. There's roughly 800 pixels space in a post, so sizing the picture with a 300-400 width is ideal. Also, if you embed more than one photo, it's a good idea for them all to have the same exact width.

TableButtons.jpg (2.78 KiB) Viewed 1060 times
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