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Links, Hyperlinks, and Videos

Posted: Thu Aug 17, 2017 9:04 pm
by centrop67
First of all, there's several members who are reluctant to click links in posts. That's understandable, because you cannot always be sure where those links are going to take you. :wtg:

The problem is that sometimes there's some really good information on other areas of the Internet. :player:

For those who are reluctant, the best course of action is to right-click the link and select "copy link address". Now, you can open a new tab, paste the link in the URL box and see exactly where you're going.

But, what if it's one of those shrunken URLs like bit.le/yadayadayada? :duh:
All I can say is that there's no reason to use a URL shortener on this forum, so yes, don't trust them. :music2:

For those posting links, there are a couple of ways to do this:

1. The easiest is to simply paste the URL into the post. In the background, the forum software will convert it to a link even if you do not include http:// in the URL.

2. The second way is cleaner. First, type a title for the link. Highlight it, and then click the link (the one that looks like a chain) button. Finally in the {URL} box change it to {URL=insert url here}. Like this...

Code: Select all

[url=]The World's Best Dutch Shepherd Discussion Site[/url]
That text will look like this in your post: The World's Best Dutch Shepherd Discussion Site

Sometimes a little quote from the source of the link can encourage someone to go to the link. You can see this in the DS in the News Posts AND you can kill two birds with one stone (link and quote all in one): wrote:The Dutch Shepherd Forum is the world's best discussion site for Dutch Shepherds
Here's the code for the quote:

Code: Select all

[quote=]The Dutch Shepherd Forum is the world's best discussion site for Dutch Shepherds[/quote]
As for videos...

As of now ONLY YouTube videos can be embedded in your posts. Instructions Here

Any other vide source should be entered as a link (or hyperlink) :lol: - See above!

I encourage you to include links to other threads on this forum. Especially when someone has posted good information in that other thread.

I've heard that this helps in placement in search results, and right now this site is on the 5th page of Google's resilts for Dutch Shepherd. Why those guys that were selling DS puppies 10 years ago are still ahead of me, I will never know.