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Lift Harness

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Tell us about yourself: I live in Metro-West Boston with my husband and our two rescued Dutch Shepherds, Marley and Minnie. He loves to nap. She loves anything involving activity. Our first rescued DS, Kaya, loved to tug. I volunteer for the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue and am a member of the NADSR BOD.

Lift Harness

Post by cake73 » Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:58 pm

Hey, everyone.

Just wanted to give a solid two paws up to the Help 'Em Up harness.

Our older DS, Kaya (11-12yo rescue), has been having difficulty getting up from lying down and using the stairs. She also has ascites caused by a mass on her liver. I found this product while looking for a "dog carrier" that would not apply pressure to her abdomen.

While a bit pricey ($100 for the medium harness), I feel the product is well-made and easy to use. We often use just the back half "hip lift" part of the harness. Each half of the harness has a sturdy handle and can even be attached to a shoulder strap.
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Re: Lift Harness

Post by dogbyte » Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:17 am

used one with my late GSD Xara that had was a back saver for sure and I was able to leave the rear part on for extended periods during the day....was able to get her in her cart easily and she could wear it while carting....and easy to get her in the crate in the vehicle....and super nice people that developed and sell it
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