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Re: K9 Product Series - Tugs

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 4:17 pm
by centrop67
I've been meaning to add this for some time. I purchased a two-handle bite-suit material tug.

I've been using it for short periods doing "out" training for Radar with fair results. First, because of the limited sessions, he is as focused on me as ever when I bring the tug out.

I've got him waiting until I say "get it" before he can bite into it. He's really good about waiting, and once he gets the command, he hits it hard which I've been encouraging. :wtg:

He's got this little hesitation on every out. It's more of a readjustment on the tug and then he lets it go. He's good for about 3 outs before totally refusing to out anymore :?

I've been able to do this on pure marker training. The reward comes after the session is over.

I've been trying to increase the number of outs for each session, but seem to be stuck at 3 now. My problem is if I use treats, he'll do more outs, but eventually get stubborn as well.

I'm taking baby steps.