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New member and new DS owner

For our new members to introduce themselves
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Just Whelped
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Tell us about yourself: I'm a nurse specialist who has recently rescued an 18 month Dutch sheperd. His name is Chip and I'm looking for any advice form experience DS owners! He's had a really hard life since he was found at 2 months old on the streets in Spain, he's been rehomed 4 times before me and every owner has failed to train him in any way and he's unfortunately been mistreated by one family. Looking for ideas on how to help him overcome his reactions to cars, dogs and people as he is highly reactive and gets extremely stressed (not to mention pulling my arm out if the socket in the process)
He's very affectionate and loyal which is clear to see from the day I had him.

New member and new DS owner

Post by Lisa88 »

Hi everyone, I've rescued a beautiful 18 month old DS who has had a really tough time so far and I am his 5th owner and I'm not planning on him having any more homes! He's had no basic obedience training and he's not had any boundaries so he's a bit wild and obviously anxious as he's in a new environment. He's never been exercised which means that the past few days since he's been here, he's been on high alert on our walks and just dragged me up the mountain 🙈 he's very reactive to cars dogs and people and literally tries to throw himself at cars (dragging me into the road and pulling my arm out of the socket) he comes across as aggressive towards people but once they come to his level he is affectionate and quickly accepts them. He is very affectionate with us and seems to be binding well, in the past few days that we've had him, we've already seen some improvements with his obedience, he's definitely listening to cues and learning from positive reinforcement.
He is on extremely high alert and does not like being left alone, he has a bed food and water in the back porch and full access to the garden whilst we're at work, we have a camera so we can see and hear him, it was his first time being left alone today for a few hours and he cried a lot, I'm hoping that may get better once he's settled in with us.
I'm looking for any advice and reassurance from experienced owners in how to best train him, keep him stimulated and just any general advice. I understand I'm a newbie to a DS and there'll be people rolling their eyes at this post, but we all have to start somewhere and I'm definitely willing to out the effort in with him.
I have organised for a dog behaviouralist to come and assess him and help me with him in a few weeks time once he's settled.

Training Dog
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Re: New member and new DS owner

Post by ladyjubilee »

I suggest getting with a good trainer. My girl is a sweetheart....but was VERY dog reactive. I wasn't aware enough to have a DS, but fortunately based on recommendations here, got with a good trainer. It took far more time that what most here (who have skill training and knowledge of working dogs), but we finally crossed the dog reactivity hurdle. Now we are working on access and task training for her as my son's service dog.

The thing I would say, is not to minimize behaviors. He may have had a tough time, and he may be a sweetie, but that initial reaction must be addressed. Bramble is probably a mix, and is very submissive...but she is a powerfully working dog and because I am too permissive, she was taking the inch and going a mile. At one point I couldn't physically pull her back. As our trainer always reminds me, she is a working dog and I have to treat her as such.

And Welcome :)
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Re: New member and new DS owner

Post by Tim91118 »

Keep him as quiet as you can the first few weeks and work with him when you are alone and under no distractions. He needs to focus on you and you alone.

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Re: New member and new DS owner

Post by borellar15 »

What Tim said. And if you like that garden I wouldn’t leave him alone in that area while you’re gone. He’s going to uproot everything in it one day. If you’re able to kennel the dog while you’re gone I would do so. Crate training the dog will also help with the separation anxiety from you guys when you leave.
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