Is she a DS

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Is she a DS

Post by Athena »

This is Athena, she is now a year old I will be posting more recent pictures but I have some from when she is a puppy and around 8 months old she is around 70 pounds and through my research I've found she shares many characteristics with a dutch shepherd. When I adopted her I was told that the best guess was either a DS or GSD. Her black and her saddle has slowly been turning to brindle since she was a puppy.
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Re: Is she a DS

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The saddle means probably more GSD than anything even with it transitioning to brindle. Brindle is a possible pattern for GSDs as well.

That single picture is not ideal to identify, but the stop (slope from forehead to snout) is a little too curvy as well. The ears maybe floppy due to age in the picture, but of course pointy ears are a signature for DS.

She really is beautiful though.
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