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Hi, I'm new here

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Hi, I'm new here

Post by IndieTN »

Hello All,

My name is Kristin. I currently own 1 dutch shepherd (was a rescue), one silk terrier (rescue), and one yorkie. My husband and I are looking to purchase a male puppy dutch shepherd. However, I have been researching breeders and have learned not all breeders are created equally. Can anyone recommend any breeders near TN. We are willing to go to a different state. My husband spoke with a breeder in South Carolina, he goes by War and Peace K9. Has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with this breeder? If you know of any other breeders near the area, would you recommend? Do most reputable breeders ofa their dutch shepherds? I have heard different things from different breeders regarding ofa. Also if you have purchased one recently, what was in your health guarantee? The breeder my husband spoke with mentioned a brn number, when I read about that it is a bloodline registry, not a ukc/akc. Are brn's normal? Also, is there a diffence between the malinois and the dutch shepherd. Is it common for a dutch shepherd to have malinois in it, when coming from a breeder? I have tried to research this and it gets confusing. If you can think of anything else I need to be aware of when looking for a breeder, please let me know. As, I am having anxiety about finding the best breeder. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by Laplaiefier »

There's a few posts here about breeders. You might try IM them directly from the user control panel.
Mals and dutchies are not the same breed but from the rest of the gang here they are very simular in behaviour and temper with dutchies being a bit more reserved.
As always, I'd advise being cautious with any newly adopted canines. You never know what can set them off. Mostly from what I've seen dogs wind up in rescues for inconveniences but with dutchies I'd say they are to demanding and too much hyper for people.
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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by ladyjubilee »

I sort of agee, Lalaiefer. I come from Dal world, another breed that ends up in shelters because people can't deal with "hyper". As someone who tries first to adopt at municipal shelters, I definitely know there are no guarantees.

But rescues tend to be different. Even our local shelter sends dogs with behavior issues to special foster homes with trainers to address behavior issues. Rescues work to match the dog to the family.
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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by SEL »

Good questions. There is some good information here:
https://www.americandutchshepherdassoc. ... later.html
and you can look up BRNs here:
Click on the Zoeken (search) tab and then put the BRN in the Zoek Argument field. You might have to copy/paste the results into google translate.
I guess whether the dog is truly purebred will vary from breeder to breeder. You'll have to check out various breeders and request information from them. I was looking at a couple breeders sites and it looks like some of the dogs are not purebred DS. This is the view on it from Cher Car Kennels:
I looked up some of Vom Warsney's dogs and they're not all purebred.
So you'd probably have to check each individual breeder. Some have better reviews and reputations than others. Also, I can understand someone wanting a purebred and also someone not as concerned if the dog is purebred. There are points on both sides.
If I was thinking about getting a puppy, I think my main things I would ask about and be interested to know would be the health of the parents (and if they're OFA'd, their temperaments, drives, nerves; I'd look at reviews/records of the breeder and their dogs/previous dogs; I'd want to know about health guarantees, etc.
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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by Mark77 »

Two of Riddick's pups were tested and came back with their genetics that was all Dutch Shepherds broken down by coat length. Now the female was an FCI dog in Europe. Anyway, what the breeding showed is that not all KNPV dogs are "mixes" outside of Dutchies or Mal's. The testing was coming back with primarily Dutchies but then broken down by coat length.

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Re: Hi, I'm new here

Post by bigbear123 »

The brn(bloodline registration number) is good enough for me personally. You can't get a brn number for a dog without their proven pedigree. I believe both the pup's parents have to have a brn or be AKC/UKC/FCI registered for the pup to get a brn. But getting the brn for the pup will probably be on you. You need the parent's qualifying pedigrees to get it. A dog with a brn number can have both dutch and mal in the breeding but you'll have that pedigree to know whether they have both or not. (which didn't matter to anyone until somewhat recently since mals and dutchies were regularly bred for many years to repopulate the dutch breed starting mid 20th century.)
AKC and UKC only started recognizing the dutch a few years back. Before that a dutch could only be registered with FCI or get a brn. FCI is a pedigree registry based in belgium.
*In my opinion*:
it doesn't make a difference between a brn, FCI, AKC or UKC because they all guarantee you a pedigree. The specific pedigree matters more than the type of registration when it comes to finding the dog who is right for you.
My pedigreed dutch boy's parents are on and I was able to view his full pedigree by looking up his parents. Check it out just to get familiarized with how to read a pedigree if you aren't already! You will see every dog's show and sport titles and those will tell you what you need to know about the bloodline. Google a cheat sheet for title abbreviations if you're not familiar so you know what you're looking at. All the numbers and letters next to a dog mean something.

Know what you're looking for in the pedigree based on your needs. Then put your eyes on the pedigree from the breeder before you buy. That way a breeder can't sell you a dog who isn't right for you.

Sorry I can't recommend a good breeder in your area. I talked to quite a few in SC when I was looking and never found one I knew I could trust. If they're not a completely open book there's a reason.
No experience with the breeder you mentioned.
There's some dogs on the pedigree database listed by a war and peace k9 but they are out of MI.
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