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New member without a pup at the moment.

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Just Whelped
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Tell us about yourself: My name is Ian. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania. I live with my wife and son. I have grown up with dogs. I have a friend of whom adopted a Dutch shepherd and has raved about the breed. I had a German named Rufus as a child. After looking at the Belgian Malinois and this breed I have decided that this breed fits my needs best at this point in my life.

New member without a pup at the moment.

Post by icatlin7 »

Hello all,
I am just registered after a few months of mostly online research on this breed. I am hoping to adopt a puppy soon however I have found that finding a reliable breeder is more difficult than with German shepherds and Belgians. I was hoping this forum would have some ideas. I live in eastern Pennsylvania. Please help!
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Tell us about yourself: Sharing life with Bramble Dutch Shepherd mix (?) and Casper Whippet/Pit Bull (????) mix

Re: New member without a pup at the moment.

Post by ladyjubilee »

Pack: Peanuts-terrier mix, 16-18 years old, Bramble-Dutch Shepherd, 3 yrs
Location: NC
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Re: New member without a pup at the moment.

Post by Tim91118 »

Are you looking for one with strong working lines , or just a family companion dog ?
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