Changes-COVID Impact on Dogs

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Changes-COVID Impact on Dogs

Post by ladyjubilee »

We have a new issue that has sprung up-separation anxiety. Because we had to stay home just about all the time, Bramble has gotten too used to us all being home. It started when my son went back to school (she doesn't go with him). But now when we go out, we come home to find her whining in the window, and evidence she has either spent a lot of time in the window or torn up things. I will soon be going back to work, which means there will be times she and Casper are alone for short periods. I know she will adjust, its just as change.

How are your dogs handling all these changes? Are you seeing any differences in behavior?
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Re: Chamges-COVID Impact on Dogs

Post by centrop67 »

So far, Mustang only knows that I am always home except for some very brief times I am gone for errands.

My work says they will be eventually bringing employees back to the office with an option to work 50% from home.

I am hoping that will allow me to work half a day in the office and half a day at home which would allow us to have some continuity to the current situation.
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Re: Changes-COVID Impact on Dogs

Post by TimL_168 »

With my son going back to school for two days a week now, Endeavor has been gnawing on a couple windows. We may go back to crating get during the day.
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