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Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Announce significant dates here - birthdays, anniversary's, etc
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Tell us about yourself: I live in Arizona and have an 8 year old female DS and 2 to 3 year old male DS mix

Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Post by SEL »

Happy 8th birthday Idna! A little more gray, (but not as much as me :) ) We've been through so much together through the years! I couldn't ask for a better friend and companion, and partner in adventures - big and small. Looking forward to many more! Happy Birthday to my Roo!
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Idna (9 yrs) & Laszlo (2-3 yrs) in AZ

Working Dog
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Re: Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Post by TimL_168 »

Happy birthday!!!
Tim L.
Aurora(Shiloh) Endeavor

Brindle Lake Dog
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Tell us about yourself: This is my first Dutchie. I’ve trained field trial labs and a Malinois in IPO. Lost my Mal to cancer at age 11 and wasn’t really looking for a pup yet.
I got a call from my old training director letting me know he had just the pup for me: A Dutchie...
It just sort of happened and now I have a brindle Fur Missile living with me. His name is Jaguar; Jag for short.

Re: Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Post by Brindle Lake Dog »

Happy Birthday Idna :stickman:

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Re: Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Post by Joxgirl »

She is gorgeous. Happy Belated Birthday.
Rogue (Dutch Shepherd) 2 years old
Joachimstaler @ IG

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Re: Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Post by Dutchringgirl »

happy birthday !!! wow, hardly any grey !! Sadie is 9 and her face is white except black on the top of her nose.
Lisa, Thalie CGC & Sadie, Cookie the Basset, CT

Jay knowles
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Re: Happy 8th birthday Idna!

Post by Jay knowles »

Happy birthday, amazing how the colours change from picture to picture. Jay

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