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I have an 11 month old Dutch Shepard. At 5 months I noticed she was limping and took her to the vet. The vet could find nothing wrong and blood tests proved negative for Lyme disease. She suggested xrays but I declined because she wanted to put her under anesthesia to do the xrays and that seemed extreme to me. She suggested that it may be pano and prescribed Rimadyl. The limping comes and goes usually every 2 months or so. Does anyone have any experience with dealing with this? Any suggestions other than rest?

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Re: Pano

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From what I've read Pano (aka - growing pains) is only diagnosed thru X-Rays. Hopefully, you don't have to use the Rimadyl long-term or too much. The side affects are horrible (gastrointestinal) and are more prevalent in long term use.

Rimadyl is the usual (NSAID) prescription as an anti-inflammatory in any case whether it is Pano or an injury.
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