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Bathing and Coat

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Just Whelped
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Bathing and Coat

Post by abby9543 »

Is a Dutch Shepherd's coat considered water repellent? And, How often should I bathe my short haired Dutch Shepherd?

Training Dog
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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by Tim91118 »

A Dutch Shepherd has a nice tight harsh coat that repels water. They also have a natural self cleaning coat. To keep the natural oils, I never bath my dog. If she gets into some good mud etc. it will easily brush out.
Jay knowles
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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by Jay knowles »

Hi, mines 21 months and I’ve never bathed her. My other dog is 16 years old and had one bath when she was a pup never bothered again after that. Jay
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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by ladyjubilee »

I do bathe Bramble. I rinse her every time she get in the mud. Ugh, she loves to get in the mud!

But more, because the goal is for her to go everywhere, I have her professionally groomed about every 6 weeks. I also have cleaning cloths for her feet and coat for a quick freshen up. But that's more because service dogs should be "extra" clean. I know I don't want to go grocery shopping or eat my meal where a dirty dog is walking.

She is the only dog I've ever had that WANTS into get the tub.
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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by SEL »

I bathe both of them and they have somewhat different coats. I bathe Idna when she needs it which varies. She loves to roll on the ground and has also rolled in poo before and the hose is not enough sometimes. I use a very mild shampoo though, nothing harsh. In the summer I don't need to bathe her really because she swims, but I do hose her off after swimming because of the chlorine in the pool water (very drying to fur and skin). Her fur is shorter than Laszlo's and seems to have more of an undercoat. I always wet them down thoroughly when we're going to be in the sun because even when it is about 70 degrees their black fur immediately starts getting very warm in the sun. I try to keep them out of the sun here. Idna's coat will retain water, but Laszlo's doesn't, it dries super fast. Also, I have noticed Laszlo's fur gets oily (and was even when we got him). By about a month it's time for another bath. I'm concerned about a gland issue so will have to ask the vet about this. I've never had a dog that had fur that got oily like this after a few weeks. His skin is okay though.
Idna (9 yrs) & Laszlo (2-3 yrs) in AZ
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