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Uploading a Photo

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:26 am
by centrop67
One frustrating aspect of the way this forum website works is that it is a tiny bit of a hassle to display a photo in your posts. I am going to try to describe some simple steps to help make it a little easier.

Step One - The Photo
The forum has a maximum size limit of 1mb. That's actually a pretty big size for your average photo, except that most phone cameras default to 1.2mb. This is where many people have difficulty when they try to add the photo as an attachment. If you have a really good camera it could even be much higher.

The bottom line is that you need to resize the photo to under 1mb to add it.

On a Windows PC this is easily accomplished in Microsoft Paint - the default photo editor on most PCs.
1. Open the photo in Paint.
2. Click on Resize.
3. Set the type to Percentage and make sure Maintain Aspect Ratio is selected.
4. Change the horizontal value from 100 to 50 (You'll notice the vertical 100 changed to 50 as well.)
5. Save the photo as a Jpeg. (Use Save As, so you can keep the original size)

You can check the size in file explorer, but this is usually enough. If it's still too large, you can repeat the steps above, except you can simply save instead of save as.

Step Two - Photo Ready To Upload
Now that your photo is an acceptable size, you can insert it into your post.

1. Start your new post.
2. Scroll down to the "Add Files" button and click it.
3. Select your photo.
This is where most everyone stops, and all you get is that tiny "attachment" picture in your post.

Step Three - Let's see that photo full size in the post.

1. Right-click on the file link of the new attachment.
2. Click "Copy Link Address"
3. Go back to your post and put the cursor where you want the image.
4. Click the img button.
5. Paste (ctrl+v) the copied link between the tags.

Step Four - Preview to make sure
Make sure you preview your post before submitting. If you don't see your photo something went wrong.

Please send me an IM if you had any problems with these steps - Thanks

BTW - I am not leaving out the Apple folks. I just assume your smart enough to resize your photos if you (over)spent that much for a PC. :mrgreen:

Showing a photo from Flickr

Posted: Thu Feb 02, 2017 2:44 am
by centrop67
Flickr is a Yahoo based photo sharing site. You can get a decent amount of storage for free, and it can make sharing a photo on the forum relatively easy (Easier than the steps above, and there's no limit to the size you can display.).

Note: There are lots of photo sharing sites you can use. I am providing instructions for Flickr, because it's not as simple as right-click copy link to picture to use it. Most sites will give you instructions on sharing on a forum or bulletin board. Look for the BBCode link to your photo or simply place the URL between img tags.

Flickr Instructions
1. Upload your photo to Flickr.
2. Select the photo from your album or photostream.
3. Click the Share icon at the bottom right corner
4. Select the size of the photo you want to share (Flickr does all the resizing for you).
*Note - the larger the size the longer it takes to load for the viewer AND the site will only display up to 800 pixels wide.
5. Click the BBCode option and copy the value highlighted in the box (starts with [url=https...)
6. Paste the value into your post where you want to display your photo.

Code: Select all

[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]DSC_0011[1][/url] by [url=]centrop67[/url], on Flickr
You may want to clean that up a bit. To do that clean up everything outside the img tags, so that you're left with this:

Code: Select all

which results in this:
instead of this:
ImageDSC_0011[1] by centrop67, on Flickr