New Registration: What's Next.

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New Registration: What's Next.

Post by centrop67 »

So, you've just registered to become a member. What's next?

This site uses an activation link to complete registration. An email is automatically sent to the address you entered while registering.

The activation email is sent immediately, so if you do not receive it within minutes, something went wrong.

If you used a fake email address, you won't receive the activation link. Don't use a fake email address.

Your email provider may consider the automated email as spam. It can either move it to a spam folder or completely block it altogether.

If you didn't receive the email activation link...

* Send an email to centrop67 at gmail dot com. Please include your member name, so you can be activated manually. You will receive an email response once you've been activated.

After activation
1. Please go to the New Member Announcement thread to introduce yourself.

2. If you haven't already, please setup a signature. At a minimum, please put your first name or nickname in the signature. This helps us keep track of who's who in posts. If you have a business, it''s okay to place a link to your website here and a logo image (Other advertisements on this site are subject to review and removal by the admins.).

3. Your question may have been asked and answered in a past post. Before posting a question, do a quick search.

4. There are both serious and fun conversations going on. Everyone love's a little humor, but remember that sarcasm doesn't always translate in text.

5. Don't defame businesses or individuals (posts that violate this are removed without warning).

6. Please enjoy the information provided by all the members, but understand that no one is making money off this site. Don't expect unicorns and rainbows all the time.

7. Finally, pictures and videos are always welcome and highly encouraged. It's not as simple as posting a picture on Facebook, but it's not rocket science either.

* Click here for instructions on posting photos.
* Click here for instructions on posting videos.

Thank you, and welcome to the forum.
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Re: New Registration: What's Next.

Post by Joxgirl »

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Re: New Registration: What's Next.

Post by ThorTalis »

Very happy to find a forum for Dutch Shepherds! Thanks!