Bathing and Coat

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Bathing and Coat

Post by abby9543 »

Is a Dutch Shepherd's coat considered water repellent? And, How often should I bathe my short haired Dutch Shepherd?

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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by Tim91118 »

A Dutch Shepherd has a nice tight harsh coat that repels water. They also have a natural self cleaning coat. To keep the natural oils, I never bath my dog. If she gets into some good mud etc. it will easily brush out.
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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by Jay knowles »

Hi, mines 21 months and I’ve never bathed her. My other dog is 16 years old and had one bath when she was a pup never bothered again after that. Jay
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Re: Bathing and Coat

Post by ladyjubilee »

I do bathe Bramble. I rinse her every time she get in the mud. Ugh, she loves to get in the mud!

But more, because the goal is for her to go everywhere, I have her professionally groomed about every 6 weeks. I also have cleaning cloths for her feet and coat for a quick freshen up. But that's more because service dogs should be "extra" clean. I know I don't want to go grocery shopping or eat my meal where a dirty dog is walking.

She is the only dog I've ever had that WANTS into get the tub.
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