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Crate Training

Post by vinnymarz »

How much time should a dutch shepherd puppy spend in their crate? I have seen different information online and have even been given different info depending on what trainer I speak with where I take my dog for training. He is now 5 months and comes out 4 times a day for 1.5 - 2hrs, spending a total of 6-8hrs out. Each time he comes out we train, followed by some play, and then supervised free time. He goes into his crate upon command, but would never choose to stay in the crate if it was left unlocked. He is starting to shuffle around more when he is in his crate during the day, and will occasionally bark or whine. I have seen some speak for keeping a dog in the crate for as much as 20 hours a day, others less. Does it just come down to preference, or the individual dog? Are there pros and cons to each?
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Re: Crate Training

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Personally, I would follow the advice of your trainer, because it should match his/her training methods.

I am not a trainer nor expert, but the crate has always been a foundation only part of my training. That is, once the basics are learned and there's demonstrable trust outside the crate, the crate is optional. My dogs have always been fine going in and out of the crate on their own after this foundation.
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Re: Crate Training

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I agree with Michael, follow the advice of your trainer.

I guess Mox spends maybe 4 or at best 5 hours outside of crate on weekdays. She doesn't particularly like to be locked up. But, at this point she made peace with it. Inside the house she's on the leash when she's not in the crate, and she's on her place or in the crate unless we are doing training or playing.

We are working on proofing her right now so she gets more time on her place still tethered, so she's getting more time outside the crate.

Her outings are pretty intense usually (hour longwalks, or physical play sessions, outside of training sessions), so she sleeps for 3 hours at least between them. Was a different story few months back...

Our trainer explained to us that outside crate time = work = food = fun. Meaning, you ration it and make it special. Short excursions through out the day 3 to 15 minutes are much better than long training session when the dog loses interest. As mentioned earlier follow the advice of your trainer, and stick with a particular program.
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Re: Crate Training

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It depends on what you goals are with the dog, what your training plan and regimen is, and the temperament of the dog. If the dog is starting to show signs of not liking the crate, so some exercises to make the crate a fun and positive place again
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