Tooth Fracture

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Tooth Fracture

Post by sablethedutchie »

Hi everyone! I knew my girl (4 year old Dutchie) was needing a teeth cleaning soon so I took her to a new vet since they are associated with a dentistry. The vet (the dentist did not do the exam) thought that one of her upper fourth premolars may be fractured because the buildup on that tooth is significantly worse than the rest (the rest of her teeth are pretty clean). However, the vet didn't even really get close to her (think she was intimidated by her). My dog has never shown any signs of pain, chews on both sides (even her bones), and our regular vet noted microfractures but never anything significant.

The new vet I took her to is now quoting the routine cleaning and radiographs, but also an extraction or root canal therapy. My sister is the one who recommended the new vet since she takes her two dogs there. However, one of her dogs also has had two teeth extracted from this same practice (he's 6 years old).

The recommendation kind of threw me off. Of course, I want her to get the care she needs and will probably go the root canal route if needed. But, I can't help this gut feeling I have that they may be pushing something that isn't necessary...

Just wanted to get other's opinions and experiences. And, maybe they're being super cautious and want us to be aware that it could be an issue but the radiographs might show no issues?

Thanks for your help!
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Re: Tooth Fracture

Post by centrop67 »

It's really a shame to be so distrustful of the medical industry as a whole, but they brought it upon themselves.

I would absolutely get a second opinion.
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Re: Tooth Fracture

Post by TimL_168 »

Def get a second opinion, man. I had a good vet convince me that a previous dog needed thousands of dollars in steroids that ended up not helping. Should have listened to the breeder on that one. If the second opinion agrees, then go forward with it!
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