Meet Mika the new velcro puppy

Puppies! We all love our puppies.
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Meet Mika the new velcro puppy

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I'll put more pics under the photo page but meet Mika, my new pup. She is going on 11weeks old weighing in at 22lb when I picked her up four days ago. She just got back home yesterday. Her first three days with me have been full of excitement and new things for her. We are still learning each other and she is sharp!

I went to my sisters house for nephews 2yr bday and since that was half way to the breeder I landed on I took a day off work and snuck in a trip to meet the breeder and came home with a pup we had been talking about for a few days. She was the last one in his litter and videos he was sending me she looked like a good fit. Time will tell.

Thus far Mika had a 3hr drive back to my sisters house, she got car sick. Then she spent two days in the garage, my sister does not like dogs in house and since Mika is not house trained I did not want to push my luck for future visits! We took frequent walks and a walk every 30min after dinners, she did perfect and had zero accidents. While out there she got exposed to a lot of 2-5yr old kids running around and playing with high energy. She did great and let the kiddos pet her but she wanted to lick everyone and that made the kids nervous, her hear was about chest level for the kids :lol: The other big thing was some fireworks for the bday party. Grandparents own fireworks stands and brought some "quieter" box ones to not scare the kids and I thought a good chance to get her started adapting to noises. Mika did shake a little but responded quite well. We will be working on sharp noises because I do not want my guns to scare her and I want her in the stand with me for pig/coyote hunting.

Then Mika had a 4hr drive back to my place. We did stop twice to give he breaks and she got car sick early on, most likely my fault for letting her eat breakfast too close to the car ride. Other than that initial get sick she did great rest of the drive. The last two days Mika is getting used to the homestead. She is doing AWESOME off-lease, shockingly well. She has mostly learned sit and down and good manners for going in/out of the house. So far she shows interest in the house and barn cats but no issues. I will say when my pigs are screaming "FEED ME" Mika is completely thrown for a loop and is timid there. Toss in the Guinea fowl raising a ruckus and Mika gets unsure of herself around the barn, I have to call her several times to keep her in that area. But shoot, it has been under 48hours for her to be exposed to all this noise. She does NOT like the electric poultry netting, that got a yelp out of her and while it is sad it happens to all the critters at least once so they can learn.

Sounds like everything is perfect right? It is not, she is a pup, high energy pup at that 8-)

She has razors for teeth, my hands are proof of that and we are working on the not biting people. She HAS to have something in her mouth non-stop. Tug is her favorite game which makes wiping her paws (raining here since she got home) a bit of a challenge. She has had three potty accidents in two days. Two I will say were my fault, I should have gone outside as soon as she came out of crate. 3rd... all her. We came in from a 20min outside session in the rain, I dried her off and she had an accident 5min later. I think she was too busy sniffing everything outside instead of going bathroom.

You can see in this pic that I have her setup on a bed under my desk during the workday
Mika_under_desk.jpg (1.37 MiB) Viewed 1067 times
Mika the Velcro dog at my feet
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Re: Meet Mika the new velcro puppy

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What a cutie! My boy was also carsick when he was young. Somewhere between 6 months and 1 year old it faded and now he's fine in the car.
Good luck with your new pup :)
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