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I need to make plans for this site for the eventual time when I can no longer operate it. There isn't anything pending that drives this except that I want to make sure that this site lives on PM (Post-Michael). 8-)

I have no plans to go anywhere in the near future, but as you know, tomorrow is not promised.

I do have a couple of members in mind, but I do not want to put anyone on the spot who is not willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the site going.

Some things to know ->
1. The cost to host the site is not much - a little bit more than $100/yr.
2. The real investment is time: (Not necessarily in this order)
* Moderating posts and deleting spammers
* Searching for and posting DS and associated content
* Operating the FB page as a portal to attract a larger audience.
* Updating the underlying software for the site (2-3 times/yr)
* Following up on non-activated registrations.
* Checking for software add-ons that might benefit the site.
* Maintaining the header page with contest winners and links to various content.
* Running the Photo Contest

If you're interested, send me a PM. Tell me why you would want to do it, how you see us making that happen, and any experience you have with websites, discussion groups, marketing, or any other relevant experience.

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