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Possible Website Outages Tonight 13AUG2019

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Possible Website Outages Tonight 13AUG2019

Post by centrop67 »

I received the following message from my hosting provider...
I wanted to reach out to you to both make you aware of the outage yesterday if you weren't aware as well as to let you know about the scheduled maintenance for tonight.

We experienced several network outages yesterday over the course of about an hour due to issues at our facility that were outside of our control. We're still waiting for a formal RFO [Reason For Outage] from them and will pass it along as soon as it is available to us.

Unfortunately to fully resolve the issue that occurred yesterday and to restore full redundancy to the network against failure some emergency maintenance has been scheduled for tonight.

The emergency maintenance window is from 11 PM to 4 AM Eastern Time tonight. During this maintenance window our facility has indicated that we could see a couple instances of actual downtime of approximately 15 minutes.
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