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Forum Future

Posted: Thu Nov 04, 2021 7:14 pm
by centrop67
First, let me start by saying that I have no intention of shutting down the forum, so don't panic.

I have become very lapse in maintaining it of late. In my defense, the last two years have been very taxing on my mental health.

We've lost so many users and gained a few here and there, but you have to admit the activity on the site is quite low - e.g. no photo contest entries last month.

I want to find a focus for my life, and I can't think of a better way than to try to make improvements and take advantage of potential monetary gains with this community. Don't panic, there will be no pay wall for access to the community. I am exploring media channel options where occasional ads or click throughs generate revenue.

The main impetus for me is that I am leaving the Facebook (Meta) world completely, and I have a large following there that brings new members to this site. I need to replace that channel, and there are opportunities to include revenue streams with these new channels.

Please feel free to PM me any ideas you have on this subject, if you want to help out, or if you have any concerns.

Stay tuned for more news...


Re: Forum Future

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2021 5:38 pm
by TimL_168
Dude... I'm sorry I've been absent. Life... Kid... Dog...
I'm off most suicidal media as well. I get it. You've got my email.