Voting - July 2022

Monthly Photo Contest

Pick 2

Knaps76 - Irma: Smiley
TimL_168 - Endeavor: My Tug
centrop67 - Mustang: Picking on his sister
Total votes: 7

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Voting - July 2022

Post by centrop67 »

Knaps76 - Irma

TimL_168 - Endeavor
My Tug

centrop67 - Mustang
Picking on his sister
Location - Cutler Bay, FL USA
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Tell us about yourself: So, we inherited a very young Dutch Shepard (possibly a mix) rather unexpectedly. He is probably not even a year old yet. Our Boston is 13 and thinks his klutzy self will bowl her right over. She has some eyesight problems and gets scared when he suddenly runs right up wanting to sniff and play like he had with a play mate who was both younger and bigger.
He is clearly a real sweetheart, but the introduction between them is definitely challenging..
We intend to get him into puppy classes ASAP, but meanwhile we are working on potty training and walking on a leash.
That said, the walk with both dogs this afternoon went pretty well once we could get them to focus on walking instead of focusing on each other.
I'm putting it in the win column.
Meanwhile, suggestions to hold us over until puppy class would be very welcome...

Re: Voting - July 2022

Post by Ecclissi »

Irma is gorgeous and the pic is great but not particularly "feisty"? I feel bad not voting for her..
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