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Adoptable dogs at North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue!

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Tell us about yourself: I live in Metro-West Boston with my husband and our two rescued Dutch Shepherds, Marley and Minnie. He loves to nap. She loves anything involving activity. Our first rescued DS, Kaya, loved to tug. I volunteer for the North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue and am a member of the NADSR BOD.

Adoptable dogs at North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue!

Post by cake73 » Mon May 02, 2016 11:18 pm

North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue has several adoptable dogs available for rescue!
In fact, we need to get these dogs into homes so that we are able to take in more dogs.

NADSR does adopt across the United States, but shipping costs are the responsibility of the adoptive family.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue, please be sure to complete a pre-adopt application. Thank you!
http://www.dutchshepherdrescue.org/prea ... gion1.html

https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set ... ebab4b9607

Greta, VA, F, 2yo
An in-person meet and greet is required prior to adoption of Greta.
Greta is an active young female that takes a little time to feel comfortable in new situations and requires a patient person that is structured with a soft hand to guide her.

Jenny, CA, F, 14 month old, bi-colored Malinois
Jenny is 50 lbs, but she is slowly gaining weight after weaning her puppies (the puppies have been adopted already). Jenny is very sweet, loves all people, is low energy, housebroken, crate trained, likes to go travel and is great with kids! Good with other dogs and given her low drive probably okay with cats. Really the perfect package. Jenny does have a short, deformed tail, but that doesn't stop her from waggin' it!

Katia, OK, F, 7yo
Katia is smart, sweet, laid back, low drive/energy and great house dog. Very loving and loyal. Good with other balanced large dogs. No small dogs or cats.

Maverick, UT, M, 1yo
Maverick is a high energy, medium to high drive, neutered male. He is very pushy and will walk all over you given the chance, so an experienced owner would be best for him. He does great with other dogs, both big and small, provided the introduction is taken slowly and with care. He loves all people and strangers but again he is all puppy and likes to jump on people so he would do best in a home with older kids. He does not like cats and will need a home with no cats. He loves to play fetch, tug, and run on the treadmill. He is not highly food motivated, but he will work for food if there is nothing better to do. He does seem to always seem to want to work for a Kong or a ball though and has good toy drive. He would do best in an active home or a home where he can participate in dog sports. Due to previous urinary issues, he is currently being raw fed and will need to remain on raw or a high quality grain free kibble.

Roxi, CA, F, 10yo
Roxi is a senior but don't let that fool you. She still has lots of energy for walks and play! She walks very nice on a leash and loves loves loves to play ball. She wants to be by your side and in the thick of things but will settle in her kennel fairly quick if necessary. She loves people and children of all ages and genders. She would do best as an only dog, large dogs might be a possibility with very slow and careful introduction. No small dogs and absolutely NO CATS or other small pets.

Zap, TN, M, 2yo, long hair Dutch Shepherd
Zap is approximately 60 pounds and extremely well muscled and athletic. He has excellent toy and hunt drive, and plays well with tugs. He is an excellent working prospect for a skilled owner/handler. He can be pushy and will do best with strict boundaries. However, he is also extremely affectionate and does not show any human based aggression. Zap does not do well with other dogs or small animals (cats..etc). His personal body awareness is poor and is not suited for a home with children. Zap has great food drive. The ideal home is with an experienced working dog owner who will take the time to bond with him and focus his strong drive productively.
Cheryl in MA, with rescued DS
Kaya, adopted January 2006 (over the bridge, September 2014)
Marley, adopted February 2008
Minnie, adopted March 2015

North American Dutch Shepherd Rescue

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